Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


What is it? A new acos measurement which includes KENP $$.
How does it help me? If you're books are in KU, acos was a near useless metric as it ignored KENP royalties. Acos+KENP provides the insights you need to make better decisions.
What is it?
Option to hide negated search terms from the dashboard
How does it help me?
Negated search terms made the search term dashboard untidy (too many irrelevant search terms). By hiding negated terms, you can now find those costly search terms easier and quicker. In general, it just looks prettier.
What is it?
Option for BookBot to ignore exact match search terms/ asins from negation.
How does it help me?
Exact match search terms/ asins can be your 'golden targets'. Handpicked targets that you're confident will convert at a low acos...
you do not want to negate these!
Previously, automation would negate them if they met your criteria. Now there is an option to never negate these targets.